2018 Best Performing Schools in Addis Ababa

Here’s a list of Top 10 Best Schools in Addis Ababa 2018. Education has many challenges and choosing Schools is one of them it may seem like an uphill task. The best option is to read the latest ranking of the Schools in Ethiopia. It will help you to make the right choice. Today we will tell you about the top 10 High Schools in Ethiopia.

  1. International Community School of Addis Ababa (ICSAA)

International Community School of Addis Ababa (ICSAA) has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) since 1992. Accreditation is an important Seal of Quality that “provides an independent and external affirmation that a school meets the rigorous standards set by educational peers.” ICSAA nurture the talents, character and intellect of all learners, challenging them to be a positive influence and empowering them to excel in their world.

The International Community School of Addis Ababa is a premier early childhood through grade 12 school offering a holistic, vigorous and inclusive program. An International Baccalaureate Diploma school, accredited in the United States, ICS serves a diverse, multi-cultural student body on a beautiful, well-equipped campus

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