2018 Ranking of the top 5 Best Boys Schools in Jamaica

4. St. George’s College

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St. George’s College is an all-male, Roman Catholic high school in Kingston, Jamaica; as of 2005, the College opened its Pre-University Programme (Sixth Form) to female students.

It was established 1850 by 21 Spanish Jesuits who had been exiled from Colombia as part of a religious persecution.

Today, it is one of the oldest and most respected learning institutions in the country, having produced at least six Rhodes Scholars.


3. Kingston college

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Kingston College is an all-male high school, located at 2A North St., Kingston, Jamaica W.I

Kingston College was founded by Bishop of Jamaica, Dr. G.F.C. DeCarteret with Bishop Percival Gibson as the first headmaster. The school was envisioned as a remedy for the social deformity, where poor black boys were privileged to primary education only. The school, Kingston College, was created primarily to provide poor black boys, who otherwise would not have the opportunity, with a secondary education.

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