2021 Ranking of the Top 10 Best Jamaican Secondary Schools

6. Wolmer’s Girls School

Wolmer’s Schools, located in Kingston, Jamaica consists of Wolmer’s Pre-School, Wolmer’s Preparatory School and two high schools: Wolmer’s Trust High School For Girls and Wolmer’s Trust High School for Boys.

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While acknowledged as separate institutions, each school carries the same crest and motto, “Age Quod Agis”, a Latin phrase which translates to ‘whatever you do, do it to the best of your abilities’. T

he school is the oldest high-school in the Caribbean, being established in 1729 by John Wolmer. The schools more closely resemble British schools of the 1950s than of today, a trend that can be noted of the entire Jamaican schooling system.

The School emerged sixth in this year Ranking of the best Girls schools in Jamaica.


1 Marescaux Road

Kingston 5, Kingston

Jamaica, W.I.

Phone Number: (876) 922-4084

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