2021 Top 10 Best Performing Secondary Schools in Trinidad and Tobago

6. Cowen Hamilton Secondary School

2021 best Secondary Schools Trinidad Tobago

Cowen Hamilton Sec ondary School is a school in south Trinidad. Pronounced “Co-win”, the school was founded on 16 January 1962 to provide education in the fifth company village, located near Princes Town and Moruga Trinidad.

5. Presentation College, Chaguanas

Presentation College, Chaguanas is a Roman Catholic secondary school in Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago and is the brother school of Presentation College, San Fernando.

4. Naparima College

2021 best Secondary Schools Trinidad Tobago

Naparima College is a public secondary school for teenaged boys in Trinidad and Tobago. Located in San Fernando, the school was founded in 1894 but received official recognition in 1900.

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