2022 Top 10 Richest People in Armenia

4. Ruben Vardanyan (The Richest Armenian)

Ruben Vardanyan – who is a business person as well as humanitarian, makes a great contribution to the growth of Armenia. He is a stockholder of the highly-known Russian “Troika Dialog”.

Ruben Vardanyan is a co-founder of the world-famous “Aurora Prize”, which aims to inform the world about the Armenian Genocide. Vardanyan and his family of him make large investments in the educational sphere. He is also the person who founded the “Idea” foundation and the Dilijan school. Besides, Vardanyan is also the person who established the “Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology” in Russia.

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3. Eduardo Ernekyan (2022 Richest People in Armenia)

Eduardo Ernekian is a rich man (with $ 1.9 billion) who lives in South America. He owns the company “Corporation America”, that operates in the fields of air travel, agriculture, and energy.

Eduardo was born in a family of Armenian migrants in Argentina. It is thanks to him that the international airport “Zvartnots” has reached a world-class level.


2. Samvel Karapetyan (2022 Richest people in Armenia)

2022 Top 10 Richest People in Armenia

Another rich Armenian living in the Russian Federation is Samvel Karapetyan. He lived and studied in Armenia and later moved to Russia, where he began a working career. Currently, Samvel owns “Tashir Group” is the most extended association in the territory of Armenia and the Russian Federation.

The fantastic thing is that the title given to his company by him “Tashir” is the name of his birthplace by him. It is the Tashir city of the Lori region. “Tashir Group” includes 200 agencies, especially in the economic sphere. Samvel Karapetyan gained a doctorate and he is also the author of about 30 scientific papers. Karapetyan’s fortune is $ 3.7 billion.


1. Sergey Harutyunyan (Galitsky) (2022 Richest People in Armenia)

Sergey Harutyunyan is not only the owner but also the football executive of a popular club – “Krasnodar”. Besides, he owns the largest Russian company “Magnit”. Sergey began his business career in Krasnodar, founding a small store. Currently, the supermarket chain he owns includes 5,000 stores and employs more than 200,000 people.

Sergey does not speak Armenian because he matured in Russia. However, he has always been glad of his Armenian origin di lui. Once he said: “People who don’t become rich, are either lazy or just have other priorities”. His wealth of him is estimated at $ 6.4 billion.

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