Aside Politics, these are the top 10 Singapore highest Paid Jobs in 2018

  • Associate Professionals and Technicians such as teaching and training professionals, software, web, and multimedia developers are the most sought-after employees in this category. Employers usually require specific work experience and a diploma.
  • Cleaners, Laborers and Related Workers are jobs which are usually passed up due to the work environment, physical strain, and unattractive pay. There are more than 900 vacancies remaining for cleaners in some Singaporean establishments. One of the reasons is the low salary in this category which ranges from SGD 1,000 to SGD 2,800 (USD 723 to USD 2,024).
  • Managers and Administrators are required to have specific job-related experience and a diploma. Singapore employers need more than 4,000 management executives, commercial and marketing sales managers, and other jobs in this category. One of the hindrances for filling in the job vacancies is the lack of qualified candidates.
  • Clerical Support Workers have jobs generally related to assisting with how a company functions. They are under an administrative assistant and can be assigned with basic tasks such as answering calls and emails. This job category has around 3,000 job vacancies.
  • Plant and Machine Operators and Assemblers are expected to operate and monitor industrial or agricultural motor vehicles and machinery. This involves physical strain which makes it unattractive especially to young workers. There are almost 3,000 job vacancies in this category.
  • Craftsmen and Related Trades Workers takes up 3.8% of job vacancies in Singapore. There may be some employers who seem to offer unconducive working conditions.

According to Ministry of Manpower, the Services Industry has the most vacant jobs. A total of 83.5% of job vacancies is needed to be filled up. This includes accommodation, personal, and Food & Beverage Services.

Most Singaporeans would rather not take up these vacant jobs. Why?

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) shared these top reasons:

  • They find the pay unattractive.
  • They prefer shorter workweek.
  • They think the job is physically strenuous.
  • They prefer not to do shift work.
  • They find that the working environment is not conducive for them.
  • They find the image of the sector poor.
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