OFFICIAL: Top 10 Beautiful Finnish Women in 2018

3. Sofia Ruusila

 “Miss Helsinki -2010”.
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Sofia Jessica Belórf-Nousiainen (formerly Ruusila-Nousiainen, born 6 April 1990, Ylivieska) is a Finnish fitness athlete and model. He won the World Fitness Championship in bikini Fitness at the IFBB World Championships held in Budapest in November 2015.

In April 2015, Ruusila-Nousiainen finished second in IFBB’s Fitness Classic, and in October that same year he won the Finnish Championship in the Nordic Fitness Expo.  He also won the Nordic Champion Speed and the bronze medal at the international Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships and got a seat in the Finnish National Team. In 2013, he won the Amateur of the Model America series at the Fitness America Weekend event in Las Vegas.

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