In Zambia there are so many enormously talented musicians. And few of the musicians have made wise use of their talent and have become prosperous. And they are very famous in Africa and other countries around the world. Today we take you through a brief introduction of the top ten highest Paid Zambia Musicians of 2017 and their wealth.


She has endorsement deals with AIRTEL AND MTN in which she is paid royalties for her music, for her stage performance she gets K4500 and a minimum of 35 for her transportation.


Peterson Zagaze is paid K5000 for live performance and K3400 for an ordinary lip sync performance. He has deals with different multilateral cooperation’s which are allegedly paying him whooping amounts of K50000 Kwacha per month. He also has royalty claims in various companies such as AIRTEL, MTN AND ZAMTEL in which he is paid for his work and art.


He is well paid for his music, he does live performance with a band in which he does not get less than K6000 for a performance and transportation which ranges to k5300. He is an entrepreneur. He is still working on his water company, he has his music monetized and paid for by all local networks providers in Zambia in which he gets amazing amounts ranging up to k50000. He also gets paid for international shows which amounts to $5000 (k49, 000) per show.


Chester the shonongo hit maker is well paid for, for political and non-political occasions. His political performances range from k25, 000 per rally and his non-political performances range from k3, 000 for accommodation and transport. He is a strong patriotic front carder with amazing pays from the ruling party.


He is well paid musician for an ordinary show he gets k7500. He has major deal with Zamtel in which his hit singles such as free to mingle are the highest paid songs. An estimation of a monthly pay for royalties ranges from k80000. He is also a brand ambassador of different emerging companies in which he has acquired a lot of money from.

5. MACKY 2

He is a patriotic front carder with an amazing pay which ranges from k45, 000 for every rally appearance. He is also paid k8, 000 for every stage performance only, plus transportation and accommodation which is k2, 500. He has major deals with Coke Cola Company. He has other major deals with all local network providers which he is estimated to have been receiving a good amount of k100, 000.


He is popularly known as J.K. he is also a political cader, musician and entrepreneur. He is a business middle man for some motor company based in America under which he receives a good monthly pay which amounts to k70000. He is also paid k45, 000 for every public appearance for patriotic front rally. His hit song Dununa reverse enabled him earn k800, 000 for his creativity. J. K also has other business ventures which enables him get a lot of money he has endorsement deals with different companies such as AIRTEL, MTN and ZAMTEL. They are his main show sponsors. His album launch earn him a whooping k220, 000 for a single launch.


The organized family faction is the highest paid duo. They make a k10, 000 for stage performance only, plus k2500 accommodation. They usually do their shows in South Africa to a Zambian fan based in which they are paid k20, 000 for every house show. They were heavily paid by Hakainde Hichilema for their Dunana Forward remix in which they acquired k1, 000,000 from Hakainde and k450, and 000 from UPND. THEY WERE Also paid k300, 000 plus by GBM. They also have royalty payments by all local networks amounting to k120, 000 per month.


He is the highest paid rapper, he vowed not ever perform at a show which pays less than k8, 500 per hour during every performance. He is paid whooping k10, 500 per show which includes transport and accommodation for both his hype man and DJ. His music is monetized by all local networks. He is an all time and founder ambassador of Proflight which pays him an amount of k120, 000 per three months. He has an XYZ clothing line which makes in about k3, 000 per week.



Roberto is surprisingly the highest paid Zambian musician, he is paid k9, 500 for simple local show in which accommodation and transport is included. Internationally he is paid $20,000 (k196, 000). He is Zambia most successful international act apart from the likes of JK. He is a big fan base in Kenya. Basically he is loved by majority of the East African countries and sub-Sahara African countries in which, in Namibia he was paid K2, 450,000 for his guest appearance at an award show. His Amarula success has continuously held the Zambia flag on the map in which YouTube paid him an estimated amount of K137, 200 when his video hit 1million views. Music royalties are paid by both local and international nets estimated at K300, 000 per annum.