Forbes Exclusive: Top 6 Richest South Africa Black women you should know in 2018 and their net worth

When some people try to evaluate the significance of black women, they conclude that they are of no importance other than performing maternal roles. However, this is an obvious insult to the dignity of African female characters and in order to save the feminine gender from this debasement, many black women have striven to pave the way for the principle and success of black women { Richest Black Woman In South Africa 2018 }.

In South Africa, a number of industrious women have succeeded in various spheres of life and proven that gender equality can be established. In this regard, this very article reviews the Top 6 Richest Black Women in South Africa.

As a matter of fact, these black women are great mentors who have given other black women the good reason to be inspired to venture into lucrative occupations and amass their own portions of wealth.

If you’re a black woman who needs to be motivated on how to emerge successfully –probably as an entrepreneur or a businesswoman –we believe these South African black women are the perfect characters you should emulate.


6. Irene Charnley

Irene Charnley is one of the successful black women in South Africa’s telecommunications industry. She stepped into her professional career by serving in the National Union of Mineworkers as a negotiator. Charnley’s roles in the telecommunications sector are laudable simply because she has served as a top executive in giant companies such as Johnnic Communications Limited, Time Media Limited and MTN. In 2012, she bagged a prestigious award titled Business Woman of the Years Award. Currently, Irene Charnley boasts of millions of rands in her coffers.

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