FORBES UPDATE: Top Most 10 Richest Black South African and their net worth in 2018

7. Leonard Sowazi

Net Worth: R726 million

Leonard Sowazi merits the appearance on this list of richest black South Africans for having participated in top sectors including finance, infrastructure, and mining. Meanwhile, he is best known for his high-profile role as an investment manager with more than 15-years experience. Besides being the chairman of Kagiso Tiso Holdings, Leonard Sowazi is a board member of several reputable South African companies and his net worth is presently valued at R726 million.


6. Vincent Mntambo

Net Worth: R1.01 billion

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Vincent Mnthambo is one of the black South Africans who has made their marks in the business sphere. He graduated from UK-based Yale University and currently serves as the chairperson of ASG Consulting Solutions. Besides this, Vincent Mnthambo has held reputable positions in top companies such as Independent Mediation Services of South Africa (where he served as Executive Director), Commission for Conciliation Mediation (where he served as Non-Executive Chair) and Aveng (where he served as Non-Executive Director). Currently, his net worth is estimated at R1.01 billion.

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