Here are the TOP Most Expensive Houses of Footballers today

Footballers like outdoing each other on the field of play.  Nobody will have a problem with that because that is what they are paid to do. However, you will be surprised to realize that they use the same competitiveness when it comes to searching for a place to call home. Like other Sportsmen, footballers boasts some of the most expensive houses in the market.

Today we take a look at top ten most expensive houses of footballers today. You will notice that some have retired but we have included them to give you are clear picture of how the game of super houses in shaping up in recent years;

10. KAKA $3 million

Legendary Brazil star Kaka is the very last player to deny Messi and Ronaldo the coveted Ballon d’Or award. He won it in 2007 but none apart from the two stars have lifted it ever since. He owns a great home worth $3 Million.

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