Here are the World Top 10 Best Boxers of All Time

World Top 10 Greatest or Best Boxers of all Time

While there’s no real surprise to see 50-0 Floyd Mayweather top the list, there’s no space for the legendary Mike Tyson.

Mayweather, who didn’t lose a fight during his 21-year career, beats one of his former opponents Manny Pacquiao who came third. The undefeated Joe Louis takes the second place

Muhammad Ali – who many fans consider the greatest sportsman ever – has to settle for fifth as Argentine Carlos Monzon makes the top four. Elsewhere in the top 10, Sugar Ray Robinson – who won a ridiculous 174 fights – is sixth ahead of Bernard Hopkins.

Archie Moore, Oscar De La Hoya – another Mayweather opponent – and Julio Cesar Chaves complete the list. It means that the likes of Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Rocky Marciano, and Roberto Duran all miss out.

10. Julio Cesar Chavez – 107-6-2

9. Oscar De La Hoya – 39-6-0

8. Archie Moore – 186-23-10

7. Bernard Hopkins – 55-8-2

6. Sugar Ray Robinson – 174-19-6

5. Muhammad Ali – 56-5-0

4. Carlos Monzon – 87-3-9

3. Manny Pacquiao – 62-7-2

2. Joe Louis – 66-3-0

But not to include Tyson in the top 10 is nothing short of scandalous.