Top 10 Best Puerto Rico vs Mexico Boxing Clash of all time

1. Salvador Sanchez vs Wilfredo Gomez( The Battle of the Little Giants)

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The Battle of the Little Giants was a 1981 boxing event with a deep social impact.

Fought on August 21, 1981, at the Caesars Palace hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, it pitted Wilfredo Gómez, a Puerto Rican who had a record of 32 wins, 0 losses, 1 draw, and all his wins by knockout, and who was the world’s Jr. Featherweight champion, against the lesser known Salvador Sánchez, who hailed from Mexico with a record of 40 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw. Salvador Sanchez was defending his WBC world Featherweight crown.

Sánchez began by surprising most fans and dropping Gómez 40 seconds into round one. Gómez’s right eye started to swell by the third round and was nearly closed by the seventh.Though Gómez was able to beat the count, referee Carlos Padilla stepped in and stopped the fight, giving Sánchez an eighth-round technical knockout (TKO) win.

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