Top 10 Best Value Colleges and Universities in Puerto Rico 2018

7. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Ponce, PR

The Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico actually consists of three campuses: one in Ponce, one in Arecibo, and a third in Mayagüez. As the name suggests, the university preaches Catholic values – in fact, it was founded by two Puerto Rican bishops. The school added “Pontifical” to its title in 1991 after a visit from Pope John Paul II, who bestowed the name on the campus.


Academic degrees span multiple levels and are generally career-focused; business, education, and human studies are popular majors among the student body. At the graduate level, Puerto Rican scholars can earn a reputable education from the School of Law or School of Architecture, and within the next few years the university plans to open additional programs in the cinematic arts, fashion, and graphic design.

Net Price: $4,974
Score: 125.26

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