Top 10 Part Time Jobs in Dubai to Make Extra Money Faster in 2018

2. Translators

The UAE is a culturally diverse country where people from all over the world come and settle there. The very problem they face is the language barrier. If you have good English communication skills you can work as translator as it’s the best part time job in Dubai to take up legally. Some companies hire translators for their client’s assistance. So it’s the best earning way for part times in Dubai.

3. Freelance Writers

The best of all part time job to take up is the freelance writing. If you are good then you can earn more than a regular job by freelance writing. You can write up to more or less in every field of your interest to get more and more money. Earning can be varied depends on the number of hours you prefer to work.

4. Social Media Experts

Social media has gained much importance as world has assumed the social media face. Social media have become the business opportunity for the people who want part time job to earn money. Now a days marketing and business promotion is done on social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all other social media sites. Your experience in social media engines makes you earn more and more in your part time.

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