Top 5 Contemporary Puerto Rican Musicians You Need to Know

There is no doubt that Puerto Rico has the finest musicians in the world. Puerto Rican culture has a rich musical history across diverse genres like salsa, bomba and plena, reggaeton, pop, and ballads. Musical legends just in the salsa world include singers Héctor Lavoe, Cheo Feliciano, and orchestras El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico and La Sonora Ponceña. As a result, a comprehensive education on Puerto Rican music would be a long study, but knowing contemporary artists is a good place to start. Don’t miss out on the current crop of Puerto Rican musicians that’ll make you want to dance, sing along, and turn up the volume.

5. iLe

Many music fans may know Ileana Cabra as PG-13, the singer accompanying her brothers and Grammy-winning duo, Residente and Visitante, from Calle 13. She released her debut album Ilevitable last year, for which she was awarded the 2017 Grammy for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album. It includes contributions by more than 70 musicians, composers, and arrangers, including several family members. While this is her first solo endeavor, Cabra has been making music for most of her life and listeners can expect more good work following her debut.


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