Breaking News: Top 5 Richest People from Kazakhstan and their net worth in 2018

This article outlines the top 5 Richest and influential people in Kazakhstan, their net worth as at 2018 and how they made their wealth.

Kazakhstan being a growing economy in Asian region and world over richest people or businessmen and businesswomen of Kazakhstan open the door of prosperity and investment into the region. So let us just look at these 5 richest people from Kazakhstan as in 2018.

5. Vladimir Kim

Vladimir Kim

Valdimir Kim is the 5th richest person in Kazakhstan and 1054th richest person in the world.

His net worth is estimated at $ 1.5 billion. Vladimir Kim is 53 years old and has been Chairman of the mining company Kazakhmys.

Vladimir still happens to be the largest shareholder of the company which is now known as KAZ minerals.

He has 16 copper mines in Kazakhstan. Vladimir Kim is a descendent of Koreans forced by Stalin to move to Kazakhstan so he joined Kazakhmys in early 1990s and stepped down as Chairman in 2013.

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