Here are the top “EL CLASSICO’S” in Africa

Derby day is a day of local pride. It is an opportunity to defeat the sworn enemy or the favourite foe. They are one of the first dates to be penned in the season’s calendar and they attract fan and media attention from millions around the world. Although the famous derbies of clubs in Western Europe are easily named by fans across the world and Africa included, with notable derbies including the Milan derby, Barca-Madrid, Paris-Marseille, to name a few, those on the African continent do not get the mention and recognition they deserve.These rivalries in Africa are equally as intense and skin deep as their European counterparts, with emotions running high to palpable levels. In Africa, some of the legendary and long-standing EL CLASSICO’s include:

  1. Simba S.C. vs Young Africans S.C. (Tanzania)

This derby is without doubt, the biggest in East Africa. Known as the Dar Es Salaam derby, millions of Africans, from Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and all over the world eagerly anticipate the meeting between two of Tanzania’s biggest teams, Young Africans S.C. (known as Yanga) and Simba S.C.


The derby has so many great moments for the die-hard fans, nothing epitomises the emotions riding on this encounter.

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