Update on the Top 10 Richest Celebrities in Singapore and their Net Worth 2017

2. Zoe Tay

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Zoe Tay is the former Singaporean model and contracted actress under the Mediacorp. She is been best regarded as the indisputable Queen of the Caldecott Hill and often been referred as the “Ah Jie” by the media. She starts her career at the age of 16 as the model and was named model of the year in 1987. She also starred in the movies; in 2010 she was appeared in Love Cuts playing the role of ill woman facing the breast cancer. She was also starred in her first English speaking role with the Irish actor Aidan Gillen in Mister John. Zoe Tay estimated net worth is US $ 52 million and she is ranked second in the list of top 10 richest celebrities of Singapore.

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