The companions of female come in all the sizes, prices and shapes. Most of them are heard to be in high class escorts who try to be the living of recipients of both prizes and cash. In many of the instances, the ladies of night make too many top traders in the Wall Street.

The technology of today, independents and escort services become able to peddle all the services on internet which is thinly priced and veiled services of the most expensive pr0stitute. People become millionaires with the escorts who shop and about thousands of websites which are run especially for the pr0stitute.

It is been heard and seen with the indiscretions of politicians, sports figures and publicized celebrities which are not mentioned by the madams who write it well in the memoirs. This is the great idea of preparing a write to wall in the window of an apartment.

The exploitation is done s3xual!y with the famous and rich man who means to be closed behind the doors and they are the figures which are prominent in the admitting of affairs to purchase the escorts and the relationships with them.

The top 10 most expensive pr0st!tutes are listed as below:

10) Zahia Dehar

Zahia is like a Barbie doll that looks amazingly pretty and has a per night rate of $1,200. While looking at her amazing photoshoot and the portfolio, it can be seen that her look is so unreal and she looks like a replica. She poses unnaturally with the looks which measure her as a popular Mattel Doll. She costs about $ 32, 000 for a month and she needs to reduce her cost of per night. She is like a sugar baby who also seems to be among the most expensive pr0stitute

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