10 African Presidents with the most Expensive Private Jet

9. South Africa Presidential Plane (C130)

Another non-surprise member of the top 10 list of magnificent African Presidential planes is Jacob Zuma’s C130 superspeed plane. President Zuma’s plane offers superior performance with a wide range of flexibility for every theater of operations and requirements of the decorated leader. Although the plane is specifically meant for flying in harsh environments, South African authorities love it because as they say “It keeps the president ready for next mission and for whatever future holds”.


There is however rumor that the president could be on his way to getting a superiorBoeing 777 luxurious private jet – at the South African taxpayers’ expense of course. Watch this space


8.Kenya President’s Jet (Fokker 70)


Uhuru Kenyatta, the relatively young, charming African leader doesn’t fly economy class like most of us do. He flies in a customized Fokker 70 that has room for only 25 passengers. According to reliable sources, President Kenyatta’s official plane was acquired back in 1995 just two years after manufacture. Almost 20 years down the line, the fuel efficient plane is still going strong. The plane boasts a cruising speed of up to 845 km/h and costs an estimated $20 million.

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