10 African Presidents with the most Expensive Private Jet

Here are the African presidents with the most expensive private jets. Whilst it is tempting for the outside world to think of Africa as the “dark continent” where “people live with animals in mud huts, it will be really surprising for them to realize the luxury enjoyed by African presidents.

Should we say on top of moving faster and wasting less time, it’s easier to get work done in the air when you’re alone. Even in first or business class, Cass pointed out, it’s risky to have confidential conversations, because you don’t know who may be around. Does this apply to African presidents?

But the next time you wonder why companies spend tens of millions to buy their own jets instead of putting employees on commercial fights, know that it’s not about creature comforts. It’s about saving time and money. Wink wink. Ha ha

We’re going to talk about the top 10 best presidential planes in Africa. Prepare for an interesting virtual journey inside and outside each one of the following magnificent aircrafts owned by African leaders.

10. Angola President’s Plane (Embraer ERJ-135)

After the Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia crash in 2011, Angola’s president now flies in a more superior Embraer ERJ-135. The ERJ-135 COSTS ABOUT $16 million which is obviously a far cry from Nigeria presidents Boeing 737.


What makes this plane superior however is its engine – 2 X Rolls_Royce which has a power of 7400 lbf. The plane has a maximum cruising speed of 834 km/h. The Embraer breed of airplanes is manufactured and assembled in Brazil.

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