2017 Top 10 World Richest People In Hong Kong: See who takes over the Billionaires seat

Hong Kong is the financial and commercial hub of China. Hong Kong is the richest city of China. Hong Kong has the most liberal economy in the whole world. The tax burden is low and not very restrictive legislation. The culture of Hong Kong is a mix culture. You find balanced mix between European tradition and Chinese tradition. The government of Hong Kong follows the bilingual policy. Here is the list of the richest people present in Hong Kong along with their net worth. Continue reading to find out who are the richest and their net worth in 2017.


10.Yeung Kin-man – $5.4 Net Worth

Yeung is the founder and chief executive of Biel Crystal Manufactory. Lam Wai Ying, Yeung’s wife and Biel’s chairman, owns 49% of the business; Yeung holds 51%. Biel is a supplier of smartphone touch screens to Apple that employs 100,000 people in mainland China.

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