2019 Forbes list Richest People in Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to rankings published in the regional edition of the US magazine Forbes, there were names of 10 businessmen from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). This list was made on the basis of reported incomes and taxes. Analysts warn that there are many more multimillionaires in BiH, whose capital we can just assume.

The list of richest people is dominated by traders, which is not a surprise in the economy that is based on imports. Wholesale of oil and petroleum products remains one of the most profitable businesses, and on the list are the construction companies that have expanded their businesses beyond the borders of the region, as reported by Forbes.

10. Veljko Djukic (Super-petrol) 182, 1 milion BAM

Veljko Djukic is the owner of Super-Petrol from Banja Luka.

9. Petar Corluka (Violeta) 207, 5 milion BAM

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Net Worth: 207, 5 milion BAM

He owns a Violeta. Violeta d.o.o. is a Bosnian company engaged in the production and distribution of hygienic products.

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