2019 Ranking of the Performing High Schools in Tunisia

This article outlines the ranking of the best performing High schools in Tunisia. The list was made from recommendations from number of people taking into consideration their performance in all examinations.

Take a look to see which high school emerged the overall best.

12. Farhat Hached High School

The Farhat Hached High School in Radès, Tunisia, was founded in 1962. It has about 1,800 students and 130 teachers.

11. Grombalia Secondary School

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Grombalia Secondary School is a Tunisian high school; it opened in 1964–65.

Address: Grombalia, Tunisia

Principal: Mr. Mohamed Jlassi

Founded: 1964

Number of students: about 2,518

10. Taieb Mhiri School

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Taib Mhiri is a secondary school in La Marsa district of Tunis in Tunisia.

Address: Rue du 17 Août 1937, La Marsa‎, Tunisia School district: La Marsa

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