2019 Top 10 Richest and Influential Women in Tunisia

This list outlines the top 10 Richest and Influential Women in Tunisia. This list was compiled based on the wealth and influence these women has in Tunisia. This list gives a profile of them starting from number 10.

10. Bochra Belhaj Hmida

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Bochra Belhaj Hmida born in Zaghouan , is a Tunisian lawyer and politician.

Bochra Belhaj Hmida is also the President of the Committee on Individual Freedoms and Equality (Colibe) created by Tunisian President Béji Caïd Essebsi on 13 August 2017 to prepare a report on the legislative reforms relating to individual freedoms and freedom of expression. equality in accordance with the 2014 Constitution and international human rights standards. 

As president of the Colibe, she is leading the proposal for the reform of the inheritance between men and women, which provokes an intense debate in Tunisia before its discussion planned in 2019.

9. Selma Baccar

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Selma Baccar or Salma Baccar (born December 15, 1945) is a Tunisian filmmaker, producer and politician. She is considered the first Women to make a featured length film in Tunis.

Selma Baccar is known for creating manifestos through her films, centred around Women’s Rights in Tunisia

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