2020 Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Melbourne, Australia

8. Southmoor Primary School

Southmoor Primary School is pride itself as a school with a dynamic learning environment and innovative programs. The learning environment offers care, security, and vitality. The staff, school council and community proudly recognize and develop a cultural, social, intellectual and physical diversity, all of which are features Southmoor Primary School.

With more than 30 full time and part time staff, including Education Support staff, the school has strong focus on literacy and numeracy and the community is further inspired by environmental education, science and information & communication technology. Hence, students are equipped with the needed skills to embrace the 21st century’s challenges with ease.

Southmoor Primary School Contact Details

Address: Rica Street Moorabbin, VIC 3189
Telephone: (03) 9555 1235
Email: southmoor.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au
Website: www.southmoor.vic.edu.au

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