2020 Top 10 Richest Judges from Puerto Rico

8. Angel G. Hermida

Angel. G. Hermida-Nadal was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico in 1941 to Angel Hermida-Méndez and Teresa Nadal-Grau. His father was a private practice lawyer and his mother, who was also known as Madame Hermida[1] or Baby Hermida, was a professor of French and Spanish at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez. Hermida is a Puerto Rican jurist and formerly a Superior Court Judge of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. 

He began his law career working at Legal Aid Services (1969-1970) in Puerto Rico. The next year he became Director of the Legal Division of Puerto Rico’s Environmental Quality Board (Junta de Calidad Ambiental). From 1973 to 1974 he was a Special Aid to Rafael Hernández Colón, on his first term as Governor of Puerto Rico. His duties as Special Aid included legislation, appointments, security, executive clemency as well as legal counsel to other aids. In September 1974 he was appointed as Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and Assistant to Chief Justice José Trías Monge.

Two years later, in 1976, he was appointed by Governor Hernández Colón as Superior Court Judge, a position in which he served for 21 consecutive years until retirement in 1997. He then served as President of the Advertising Review Board of the State Elections Commission of Puerto Rico) and as Member of the “Blue Ribbon Committee” or the Independent Commission of Citizens to Evaluate Government Transactions (Comisión Independiente de Ciudadanos para Evaluar Transacciones Gubernamentales) established by the first elected female governor in the history of Puerto Rico Sila María Calderón. 

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