2021 Ranking of the top 5 Best Boys Schools in Jamaica

Topmost10 brings you the 2021 top 5 Best Performing Boys School in Jamaica. There has not been a new face in the 2021 top 5 Best Boys School.

Topmost10 look at each school and calculate the percentage of students, at the end of grade 11, achieving a minimum of 5 CSEC subjects (including Mathematics and/or English) and based on the percentage obtained they are ranked.

Here are the 2021 Top 5 Best Performing Boys School in Jamaica 

5. Jamaica College

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Jamaica College (abbreviated J.C. or JC) is a prominent all-male secondary school located in Kingston, Jamaica.

It provides traditional classroom education to its students in a variety of subject areas. The institution caters to students aged 10 to 19 years. First established as a boarding school for boys, Jamaica College has remained a single-sex school with the boarding facilities removed.

The school provides education to around 1,800 boys and has over 100 teaching and administrative staff.

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