2021 Top 10 Richest Celebrities in Philippines and their net worth

5. Ricky Reyes (Net worth: ₱200 Million)

Ricardo “Ricky” Enriquez Reyes, Jr., also known as “Mother Ricky”, had a humble beginning. The money he used to build his first beauty parlor in 1970 was the savings he earned from sweeping floors. Because of his determination and his talent in hairstyling, he was called the “hairstylist to the stars,” making him famous in the showbiz world. He soon had his own TV show called “Gandang Ricky Reyes” where he helps people transform into a more beautiful, attractive version of themselves. He now has a 44-branch network of Gandang Ricky Reyes salon all over the country. He also founded the “Isang Guntíng Isang Suklay” program, which provides free livelihood training to people who wants to learn how to cut and style hair.

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