2021 Top 5 Richest People in Namibia and Their Sources of Wealth

1.Tony Pupkewitz

Source: Diversified Tony Pupkewitz is the oldest child of Harold Pupkewitz – arguably one of the greatest empire builders in Namibia’s recent history. Harold Pupkewitz, who died in April 2012 after a heart attack, built his conglomerate, Pupkewitz Holdings, into Namibia’s largest private company. Pupkewitz Holdings is home to such blue chips as Pupkewitz Motors – the largest dealer of Toyota, Nissan and Honda cars in Namibia; and Megacell, the country’s largest distributor of Nokia, Samsung and Apple products. The group’s real estate arm, Pupkewitz Properties, is one of the largest owners of commercial and residential real estate in Namibia. Tony Pupkewitz, who spends a lot of his time in Cape Town, is a Photographer, and heir apparent.
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