2022 Top 10 Richest People in Fiji

7. Sangeeta Niranjan

Sangeeta Niranjan is an Indo-Fijian businesswoman. She is the co-founder of Kenns Motors, the President of the Fiji Motor Traders Association, and a former President of the Fiji Employers Federation, a position to which she was elected on 3 September 2005. She resigned from this position on 30 October 2006 for personal reasons


6. Hari Punja

Hari Punja, OF, OBE is an Indo-Fijian businessman and Chairman of Hari Punja Group of Companies. Hari Punja and Sons Limited is a very diversified (and probably the largest) company in Fiji.

Business Leaders AND 2022 RICHEST PEOPLE in Fiji

Hari Punja was born in Cuvu, Sigatoka, Fiji and received his education in Fiji and Australia. He trained as a chemical engineer. Punja joined the business in 1960.

He has served as a mayor of Lautoka and on a number of prestigious boards such as Fiji Broadcasting Commission and Fiji Sugar Corporation. He served as a Senator from 1996 to 1999.

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