2022 Top 7 Richest People in the Marshall Islands

4. Christopher Loeak

Christopher Jorebon Loeak is a Marshallese politician who was the President of the Marshall Islands from 2012 to 2016. He was elected by parliament as President in January 2012, following the 2011 general election. Loeak became president of the Marshall Islands in January 2012 when the Nitijela elected him to that post.

He has an estimated net worth of USD 12 million.


5.Kessai Note

Kessai Hesa Note was President of the Marshall Islands from 2000 to 2008. Elected in 1979 alongside Litokwa Tomeing, Note is one of the two longest-serving members of Nitijeļā.  He was the Minister of Internal affairs from 1985 to 1986, and Minister of Transportation and communications from 1986 to 1987. 

Having served as Speaker of the Nitijeļā since 1988, he was elected President in 2000. Note is the first commoner, rather than an Iroijlaplap or traditional chief, to be elected to the Presidency. He is a member of the United Democratic Party, and was reelected by parliament in January 2004, receiving 20 votes, while Justin deBrum received 9.

He has an estimated net worth of USD 10 million.


6.Hilda Heine

Hilda Cathy Heine is a Marshallese educator and politician, who served as the eighth President of the Marshall Islands. Prior to assuming office, she served as the Minister of Education. She was the first individual from the Marshall Islands to earn a doctorate degree, and the founder of the women’s rights group Women United Together Marshall Islands (WUTMI).

Heine was the first woman to hold the presidency of the Marshall Islands. She is also the first female president of any Micronesian country, and only the fourth woman to serve as head of government for any independent nation in Oceania.

She is the sixth richest on the Island with net worth of USD 9 million.


7. David Kabua

David Kabua is a Marshallese politician who has served as President of the Marshall Islands since 13 January 2020. He has represented Wotho Atoll in the Legislature of the Marshall Islands since 2008 and served terms as Minister of Health and Internal Affairs.

David is the seventh on the list of 2022 richest people in Marshall Islands with an estimated net worth of USD 8.5 million.

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