2023 Top 10 Richest People in Kenya

4. Mama Ngina Kenyatta – $1 Billion

The wife of the former President of Kenya and also Mother of the former President of Kenya

Mama Ngina Kenyatta is among the list of ten richest people in Kenya.

 With an accumulated net worth of 1 billion dollars, Mama Ngina Kenyatta is known to be the fourth richest person in Kenya. She is east Africa’s richest woman and has a large investment in real estate properties.

3. The Biwott Family-$1.1 Billion

The Biwott is next on this list of Kenya’s richest people. Often nicknamed as Total Man, Late Nicholas Biwott was one of the richest men in Kenya before his death in 2017.

However, his family remains on the list and they are third in the list. With a net worth slightly below that of Ernesto Taricone, who is one of the top 10 richest men in Ghana, the Biwott family has an accumulated net worth of about 1.1 billion dollars.

Bitwot was a politician, philanthropist, and businessman, he owned a large stake in the national milling corporation, he owned Premier Group of Companies, Barisim Investment, and Yaya Center which is worth millions of dollars.

Biwott’s family has continued to run his investment and still maintain their position as one of the richest families in Kenya.

2. Manu Chandaria – $1.7 Billion

Manu Chandaria is the second richest people in Kenya with an accumulated net worth of about 1.7 billion dollars.

He is a Kenyan businessman of Indian heritage and the chairman and CEO of Comcraft, a Kenyan steel and aluminum conglomerate.

Comcraft, founded by Manu Chandaria, is an African company that manufactures steel and aluminum products.

Comcraft had more than $2 billion in yearly revenue in 2015, employed over 30,000 people across three continents, and was Africa’s largest steel maker.

Manu Chandaria graduated from Jamnagar University in India and then went on to study engineering at the University of Oklahoma.

On completion of his BSc and master’s degree, he ventured fully into business and has since been one of the most influential people in Africa.

1. The MOI Family – $3 billion

The MOI family tops the list of the richest people in Kenya in 2023 with an accumulated net worth of $3 Billion. With interest in over 8 different sectors, including agriculture, insurance, and banking, manufacturing, etc. the Moi family is said to be the richest in Kenya with an estimated net worth of over $3 billion.

A lot of this wealth was accumulated when the late Daniel Arap Moi was president of Kenya for 24 years. 

The MOI family are the top richest not only in Kenya alone but in the entire of East Africa and some of the businesses owned by them include Standard group which owns Kenya Television Network, Vybezz radio, Standard News Paper, Radio Maisha, Spice FM.

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