5 Quick Ways to Become a Millionaire in the Philippines

4. Start a Pyramid Network Marketing Business

Many people tried this but because they were not smart enough, they ended-up inside the jail. Yes, many Filipinos are easy to get fooled so the chance that many people will invest if you promise them to double their money within a certain period of time will make you a millionaire in due time.

5. Be a Drug Dealer

This is not recommended anymore, because the President has already started his war on drugs, but if you are brave enough, then go on. If you are smarter than jayvee Sebastian, or more versatile than Kerwin Espinosa, maybe you can pull it off.

See, it is very easy for bad people to become millionaires, but it is hard for good people. This is how stupid this world we are living is.

Another sad thing here is that, if corrupt officials found out that you are making a lot of money even in legal way (eg. your business is booming), they will find ways to get your money through extortion and other similar means. Extortion is the only reason why Joma Sison and his cohorts are still alive, and Duterte will not do anything about it.

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