Bermuda Billionaires: Top 6 Billionaires from Bermuda and their Net worth in November 2018

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is approximately 1,070 km (665 mi) east-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina; 1,236 km (768 mi) south of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia; and 1,759 km (1,093 mi) north of Cuba. The capital city is Hamilton. Bermuda is self-governing, with its own constitution and its own government, which enacts local laws, while the United Kingdom retains responsibility for defence and foreign relations.

Bermuda’s two largest economic sectors are offshore insurance and reinsurance, and tourism. Bermuda had one of the world’s highest GDP per capita for most of the 20th century.Recently, its economic status has been affected by the global recession.

A number of the world’s richest billionaires who have connections to Bermuda are included in Forbes World Billionaires 2018 list.

However, There People who have made it big in Bermuda. Best10nowbring you the top 6 Richest Bermuda Billionaires and their Net worth in 2018.


6. Henry Ross Perot

Bermuda Billionaires

Net Worth: $4 Billion

Ross Perot quit IBM to found Electronic Data Systems in 1962. He netted $1.5 billion selling it to G.M. in 1986.

He ran for president in 1992 and 1996, while treating Americans to half-hour long primetime infomercials on how he intended to fix the economy.

In 2009 he sold Perot Systems to Dell Computer for $3.9 billion, netting $800 million.

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