Have ever wondered what are the highest paying jobs in South Africa? Top Most 10 enlist the top 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa. Career prospect begins with finding out what you are happy doing, what you enjoy doing best or what you do best. Beyond that, there is the question of how much you earn for doing what you do. Do you get paid for doing what you love doing or do you get paid for working even though you don’t like it? Beyond the love for what you know how to do, career choices are influenced different factors some of which include training and education, skills and abilities, interest and personality type, life roles, social and economic conditions in a particular geographical area and on many occasions childhood fantasies

But there is no denying that one of the most critical factors not mentioned here is the paying ability of a particular career. These days, it is no longer enough to enjoy what you do, it is equally very important for what you do to be able to pay your bills and take very good care of your other excesses.

Therefore, for those who are looking to make serious career choices, it is important to know the kind of job you want but most importantly, to know the paying ability of such a job because in a world such as ours, job satisfaction almost always begins with the amount you are paid. Therefore we bring you a list of some of the highest paying jobs in South Africa.

Top 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa




A career in chartered accountancy certainly isn’t for everyone. It generally takes at least four years of academic study at South Africa’s top universities and another three years of practical training, it therefore calls for sacrifice, discipline and talent. But all of the work pays off once you start work. The average pay of a Chartered Accountant is R434,191 per year.



Air traffic control is a career like no other. They coordinate the movement of air traffic to ensure that aircraft stay safe distances apart. It is one of the most stressful jobs because a great amount of concentration will be required to ensure that no aircraft moves in the wrong lane at the wrong time. As a reward for all this stress and risky work, air traffic controllers can expect to earn around R583,450 per year.




An actuary is a business professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. To be an Actuary, you’ll need a math degree. They examine the potential of an uncertain event to happen – such as an earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disaster – and assess the impact of financial losses. Actuaries must have a strong background in asset management, liability management, business knowledge, and analytical skills, as well as a deep understanding of the human behavior. Experienced Actuaries receive Approximately 598 055 per anum.



Management Consultants help organizations to improve their performance. They do this by primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement. Depending on their level of expertise and the company involved, a management consultant can earn between R392,000 rand  and 672,000 rand per annum.



Because petroleum engineering is a combination of innovation, exploration and expansion, it requires a lot of intelligence and training. This is why is takes long to study petroleum engineering at the university. This job is therefore one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa. This career path demands tremendous dedication and commitment. The salary of a South African petroleum engineer is R572, 600 per year.



Medical specialists are doctors who have completed advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine. The salary range for doctors ranges greatly based on the specialty. Neurosurgeons often are at the higher end of the spectrum, while a general practitioner would be at the lower end. It is a known as a financially rewarding profession. The years of schooling may stop many from pursuing a medical degree, but the options are limitless once it has been achieved. Depending on the rank of specialty, these people receive between 476,000 rand to 616,000 rand a year.



An IT manager monitors operational requirements, researches strategies and technology solutions, and builds most cost-effective and efficient systems. As the race towards more efficient technology continues everyday, there is a higher demand for IT managers and professionals who understand what the technology. As hard as their work is, they can expect the starting sum of R620,230 per year. This is expected to grow as expertise in the profession grows.



It is said that no individual or business organisation is immune from being confronted with a legal matter that requires expert legal understanding and advise. It is for this reason that lawyers are constantly in demand. Starting salaries for qualified lawyers in South Africa are between R643,440 and R655,000 per annum. The more years of practice one has, the higher the salary.


It is a certainty that the work of a pilot is not one that can be done by any other person except one who is as well-trained and just as skillful. The pilot industry really is a hard path because you need certain flying hours to become a qualified pilot for any big airline and remember flying hours cost lots of money. Qualified and experienced pilots in South Africa get R695,800 per annum.


The first and highest paying job in South Africa, is software engineering. Software Engineers manage the design, development and maintenance of software programs. Though the field is fairly young, it has quickly become one of the country’s most important professions. Software engineers most likely have degrees in computer science and programming, and the higher-paid professionals will also have graduate level degrees and a wealth of professional experience. A Software Engineer earns approximately R1.2 million rand per annum.

See why you need to choose your career wisely? But it does not matter if you already chose, you can always change it to something much more worth your while. Don’t waste your time effort and love doing something that will not pay your bills