Haiti Richest: Top 7 Multi-Millionaires and their net worth in 2019

5. Eric Jean Baptiste

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estimated value: $ 500 million

industry: lottery

4. Marc Antoine Acra

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Estimated value: $ 600 million

industry: Acra industries

ACRA – Marc-Antoine Acra, Olivier Acra – Import / Export. Company with an estimated annual income of $ 10 million.

Marc Antoine ACRA is a Haitian businessman and philanthropist. ACRA graduated from Saint-Louis de Gonzague High School and continued his studies at Boston University where he studied finance and marketing. For ACRA education is the key to unlock a better and brighter future.

He also participated in Sloan’s Executive Program for a neuroscience and leadership course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has been an avid expert in the areas of management, sales and marketing for 15 years.

His core skills include being a director, team leader, strategic business planner and customer relationship manager.

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