Here are the top 10 most beautiful Thai Actresses 2018

This article seeks to give the top 10 most beautiful actresses in 2018. Thailand is definitely very renowned when it comes to tourism & travelling. It is the place which has been explored by many tourist across the globe. But in 2018, Thailand is not just in the news for their beautiful tourist places but also for their famous & most beautiful Thai actresses.

Every year, so many actresses are coming in the industries of entertainment. The beautiful and talented actress replaces every year with new coming actresses or sometimes they retain their position with their beauty and style. Thai industry always brings new faces of actress which are liked by most of the people of different countries. Their career is more growing with their beauty. It’s not easy to remember each and every actress; the one who always takes the attention of the people can be remember.

The Asian beauty of the country has attracted many fans from the continent as well as across borders. The list of top most beautiful actresses reveals the name of the old as well new actresses who have blown the mind of their fans. The list is prepared while making the judgment of their beauty and most elegant.

10. Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri Woltemas

Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri Woltemas

Name: Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri Woltemas (คิมเบอร์ลี่ แอน โวลเทมัส เทียมศิริ)

Also known as: Kimmy or Kim

Date of birth: January 22, 1992

Place of birth: German

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Profession: Actress, Model

Biography: Kinberley Anne Woltemas was born on January 22, 1992 who was a German citizen. She started work as an actress in Thai and also the popular model. Tiamsiri’s father was a Ph.D holder in Law and her mother is Thai steeming for Chiang Mai.

Achievements: Kimberley started her acting in different series like 4 Hua Jai Haeng which was the first episode. She also made her appearance in Channel 3.

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