Here the top 10 Dubai expensive Private Schools in 2018

 This article seeks to give the top 10 Dubai expensive Private schools in 2018.There’s no denying private schools in Dubai can be expensive. Private school fees can be very expensive in the UAE. In fact, the price of education can lead families with children to pack up and move home.

A new report by online education guide Edarabia has shown that average school fees in Dubai can range from Dhs2,479 to Dhs120,145 depending on the age of students (that’s USD675 to USD32,711 per annum), and is not including additional fees for admission, transportation, school uniforms and books.

Just as a general (non-scientific) comparison, private senior school fees in the UK can range from Dhs45,000 to Dhs90,000 according to (but then there are far more English-language public school options in the UK considering it’s an English speaking country, just as there are far more Arabic-language public schools here).

10 most Dubai expensive Private schools

*Note: these are all English-language speaking schools (and the prices are just estimates)

(Based on fees for Grade 12/Year 13. Stats from Edarabia, based on KHDA data)

9. Dubai College, Al Sufouh


Fees (per annum): Dhs87,986


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