OFFICIAL: Top 10 Hottest Women from Barbados Aside Rihanna in 2018

8. Shontelle

Saint James, Barbados-born singer Shontelle Layne doesn’t just look good, she sings good and writes some great music. While her own recording career has seen only modest success, she’s written huge hits for her fellow Bajan ladies, namely “Roll It Gal” for Alison Hinds, and Rihanna’s “Man Down.”

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Shontelle Layne (born 4 October 1985), known professionally as Shontelle, is a Barbadian singer. She released her debut album Shontelligence in November 2008. Her second album, No Gravity, was released in September 2010.

Her singles, “T-Shirt”, and “Impossible”, achieved modest international success. In 2016, Shontelle released “Count On Me,” a duet single featuring Barbadian singer Toni Norville.

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