How to Check Matric Results Online

Have you completed high school and want to check your matric results online? Here is a step by step procedure of how to check your matric results online.

Matric has become the household name for National Senior Certificate Examination. The Matric substituted Senior Certificate effectively in 2008 with pass grade pinned at 10 as of 2006— today, the matriculation grade is 12. Moreover, the examination does not only place importance on twelve years of formal schooling but is also a yardstick to measure the health of the education system in the country.

This high school diploma and graduate certificate of South Africa has become a paramount annual event making positive strides, publicly and privately.

What Is Matric

National Senior Certificate is a high school diploma or a school leaving certificate also known as Matric. For any student to write the Matric, they have to learn six subjects and pass at least 5 out of these 6.

Some of these subjects include;

  • Learners must study two compulsory official SA languages.
  • Learners have to choose between Mathematics or Maths literacy.
  • Life Orientation is a compulsory subject.
  • Learners get to choose 3 additional subjects

Which Category of Student Partake In Matric Exams

  • Grade 12 learners
  • Students whose school-based assessment validity has not expired may register on a part time basis. The assessment validity expires three years after a student writes their first Matric exams.

Minimum Requirement

  • 40% pass in three subjects, an official language at home language level and a 30% pass in three subjects.
  • Provision of full evidence in the SBA component in subjects offered.

Difference between National Senior Certificate and Senior Certificate

National Senior Certificate known as the NSC is a high school leaving certificate whiles Senior Certificate is for persons who are 21 years old and above and often referred to as Adult Matric.

Who Qualifies For Senior Certificate

  • Adults learners, 21 years old who have not completed their matric
  • Adult learners who are r who have not completed Adult Matric.
  • Adult learners who are have a General Education and Training Certificate (GETC).
  • Adult learners who have passed Grade 9 school or the old standard seven.
  • Adult learners who are 21 years and older who have an equivalent qualification at NQF Level.  This qualification must have two official languages.

Matric Exams Release Date

The Examinations for Matric takes place between May and June of every year. Registration opens on October 1 and closes on 31st January of every year.


  • Exams is either be done online or at any education district office
  • Online registration end on February 28. Click on this link for registration https://www.eservices.gov.za.
  • Manual registration closes on March 12, at any provincial education office.

How To Check Your Matric Results

There are four ways to check your Matric Result. These are Online, Newpapers, High School and via SMS. Below are the steps in the respective ways;

  1. Online


1. NewsPapers

The newspapers publishes the matric results on their outlets or platforms. The Rapport, the Argus and The Star are brands that may have it published. It must be noted that, it will not be stated in the papers that you passed the exams or not and full results will not be published.

2. High School

Students can go to their respective high schools for their results, a day after it has been released noting that it is just results for each subject that will be handed out to them and not the entire Matric certificate.

3. SMS
  • Dial *120*35658# on the release date
  • Follow the prompts
  • Results per subject will be shown
  • USSD rates apply

Replacing Certificate

If you have by any chance misplaced your Matric Certificate, follow this process to recover it.

  1. A completed application form for replacement to be obtained from Departments of Education or on the website of the National Department of Basic Education (www.education.gov.za)
  2. A signed affidavit from the police station, stating how the original one was misplaced.
  3. A certified identity copy of the individual signed by the commissioner of oath or an attorney’s office.
  4. A prove that shows one has paid fully all administration fees.
  5. An electronic requested issued to Umalusi by the Assessment Body after processing an application form.
  6. It should be noted that, once the process has been completed, the forms will be processed hence the replacement will not be issued out on the same day. It is typically between 1-6 week.

Release of Matric Results

The below departments have announced these dates as the possible dates for the release of the Matric results.

  • 20 January – Minister announces results
  • 21 January – Provinces release results.
  • 27 October – National Senior Certificate exams commence.
  • 7 December – Last day of matric exams.
  • 6  January – Umalusi evaluates results