Jobs That Can Lead You to Get PR in Canada

Jobs That Can Lead You to Get PR in Canada — Navigating the path to permanent residency (PR) in Canada is a journey filled with opportunities and challenges. For many aspiring immigrants, securing a job that aligns with Canada’s economic needs can be a crucial step towards achieving this goal. Canada, known for its diverse culture, high quality of life, and robust economy, has long been a sought-after destination for skilled professionals worldwide.

The Canadian government, recognizing the value of skilled immigrants, has designed various programs to facilitate the transition from temporary work to permanent residency. In this article, we will explore the key jobs that not only offer fulfilling career prospects but also significantly enhance your chances of obtaining PR in Canada. Whether you’re in healthcare, technology, or skilled trades, understanding the demand for your profession in Canada can be the first step towards making your dream of permanent residency a reality.

Many Canadian companies are looking to fill a large number of permanent jobs right now. In Canada, jobs in areas with not enough workers pay well. Plus, people from other countries can apply for jobs in Canadian companies before they ask for a work permit.

Working in Canada’s global market offers a chance to grow skills and experience with different clients. This can help achieve career goals by working with renowned Canadian companies. Employers provide many benefits and mainly choose workers for their education.

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Benefits Of Permanent Jobs in Canada with Free Work Visa

Many permanent jobs in Canada can lead to applying for permanent residency, unlocking social, healthcare, and educational benefits.

  • Permanent employment offers more job security and a steady income than temporary or contract roles.
  • Permanent employees often enjoy a variety of benefits from their employers, such as paid leave, retirement plans, and health insurance.
  • There are opportunities for professional development and career advancement in long-term employment.
  • Permanent residents may sponsor family members for residency, promoting family reunification.
  • Having a permanent job facilitates social integration and active participation in community life.
  • Access to public services like social assistance, healthcare, and education is available to permanent residents, enhancing their and their families’ well-being.
  • Permanent employees in Canada have legal rights and protections like minimum wage, overtime pay, and protection from workplace harassment.
  • By working, paying taxes, and spending within the community, permanent employees help grow the Canadian economy and support job creation.
  • Newcomers who secure permanent work and residency in Canada often feel a stronger sense of belonging, contributing to Canada’s diverse society.

Work Visa Requirements and Application Process

To work in Canada, foreigners need a work visa. Canada offers different work permits for various jobs and immigration programs. Here are the key steps and requirements:

  1. First, the applicant must create an account to apply for a Canadian visa and immigration.
  2. Fill out the application form and meet all the requirements.
  3. Provide a job offer letter and an employment contract from the employer in Canada.
  4. The employer needs to issue a work permit specifying the job type and duration.
  5. Have current travel documents, like a passport.
  6. The applicant should not have any criminal or immigration violations.

After these steps, the applicant will be informed about the status of their work visa application to Canada.

List of Jobs that can get you PR in Canada

In Canada, many sectors offer job opportunities for foreign applicants who meet the required criteria. Here are some of the sectors and the top companies in each that are offering jobs:

Engineering Jobs:

  • Work with Canada’s leading engineering firms for career growth.
    • Aecon Group Inc.
    • Bantrel
    • CIMA+

Construction Jobs:

  • Top construction companies offer roles based on academic backgrounds.
    • PCL Construction
    • EllisDon Corporation
    • Graham Construction

Healthcare Jobs:

  • The leading healthcare organizations seek candidates considering their educational background and career goals.
    • Alberta Health Service (AHS)
    • McKesson
    • Extendicare

Banking Jobs:

  • Working in banking comes with many benefits and opportunities at Canada’s top financial organizations.
    • Royal Bank of Canada
    • Toronto-Dominion Bank
    • Bank of Nova Scotia
    • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Government Jobs:

  • Foreign candidates who qualify can apply for positions in government-owned companies.
    • Canada Post
    • Metrolinx

Aviation Jobs:

  • Top Canadian aviation companies offer competitive benefits.
    • Airbus
    • Boeing
    • Bombardier Inc.

IT Jobs:

  • The IT sector is known for its high success rate and innovation.
    • Synergo Group
    • Packetlabs Ltd.

Law Jobs:

  • Candidates can choose from prestigious job opportunities at Canada’s top law firms.
    • Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
    • Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
    • Fasken LLP

Five-Star Hotel Jobs:

  • Jobs are available at Canada’s leading five-star hotels.
    • Wedgewood Hotel & Spa
    • Versante Hotel
    • Hazelton Hotel

These companies across various sectors are looking for qualified candidates to join their teams.


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