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2022 Top 10 Cheapest international schools in Dubai

In fact, the price of education can lead families with children to pack up and move home. But a new study shows that the range in price between Dubai international schools is vast, with the cheapest English-language international school in the emirate more than Dhs103,000 cheaper than the most expensive one. Sure, not all of these private schools teach in an English-language […]

Here the 2022 top 8 Dubai expensive Private Schools

This article seeks to give the top 8 Dubai expensive Private schools in 2022.There’s no denying private schools in Dubai can be expensive. Private school fees can be very expensive in the UAE. In fact, the price of education can lead families with children to pack up and move home. A new report has shown that […]

2022 Top 7 Best Dubai Medical Schools

UAE is the home to a wide range of universities including best Dubai medical schools in 2022, both international and local institutes. In a very short period of time Dubai has established an excellent and diversified education system. To meet the international standard and best education to local community and the expats from all over […]

Here are 2022 Top 20 Highest paid jobs you can find in Abu Dhabi

With every passing year Abu Dhabi is becoming dream destination for professional expats from all over the world. People come to Abu Dhabi for job search due to luxuries life and good growth in career. Here i have listed top 20 highest paid jobs in Abu Dhabi to achieve. Earlier this year a survey shows […]

Top 10 Pros and Cons of Living in Dubai 2018

The Dubai city is not only known for its massive shopping malls and exotic infrastructure but is also a rich in heritage. It has preserved heritage from million years and it attracts the people who prefer to live in historically significant places rather than the ones that are freshly built. However, the best thing about […]