Check out the Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon !  It is generally considered the best part of a couple’s wedding because it means the actual wedding ceremony is over. You can now forget the tension and leave behind the stress brought about by all the planning you made and expenses you incurred for the wedding. The vows have been made, the champagne has been drunk, the rings have been exchanged and the cake has been eaten. The time has now come for the couple to focus on each other in a place far away from friends, family and work.  But which honeymoon destination should you go to? Here are the top ten best honeymoon destinations in the world.



Aruba is the first place mentioned in the Beach Boys’ Kokomo. Indeed, it is a place you want to go when you want to get away from it all.  Within its 20 by 6 miles of land are beautiful beaches that complement the perfect sunny weather. The small size of the place allows an intimacy that is just right for honeymooners. During the day, you can relax at the beach, pool complexes and spas. The island has a wide array of excellent restaurants offering all kinds of food. At night, you can dance the night away in various clubs, or you can try your luck on the gambling table. You’ve already won the heart of the love of your life; perhaps, that luck can extend to winning big in the casino.




The only problem you will have in the Bahamas is what fine beach you should go to. Whether you choose Atlantis or Nygard Cay or Sandals, you will do just fine because they are all great resorts with the right amount of peace and quiet for intimacy and activities for adventure.  Aside from beaches, you can also enjoy the various dive sites and fishing venues around the island. You can also go around the capital city of Nassau or the island’s many villages to get a feel of the local culture.  There is even a golf course for lovers of the sport.


Located in the French Polynesia, Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It boasts of white sand beaches and clear waters. Resorts abound in the island, and you will probably find yourself in a luxury resort that offers bungalows on stilts, villas with thatched roofing, and other features that you thought could only be seen in a postcard.  At night, you can join other vacationers in bars and nightclubs, or you can ask your host to prepare an exclusive dinner for two at a secluded island.  You can also hop on a helicopter and view the entire island from above. Before heading home, you can buy souvenir wooden handicrafts, native oils and perfumes, original local art and Tahitian pearls.


Honeymooners can head down to the southeast if they wish to stay within the mainland United States.  You can try the beaches in Florida Keys or the coasts off the Gulf of Mexico. The islands in the Caribbean are just a cruise ride away, so maybe you can surprise your spouse with a quick trip to the Bahamas. For lovers of adventures, an ecological trip to the Florida Everglades is a must. For childhood sweethearts, you can even relive your younger years with a trip to Disney World. The entertainment park is actually very friendly to newly married couples. Well, they are actually friendly to all their visitors, but honeymooners can avail of several packages to make their trip unforgettable.


You will certainly find a place to call your own in one of Fiji’s 322 islands. With its many beaches, you definitely will be able to find one secluded enough that it would seem that you and your spouse are the only ones there. You can try to learn how to windsurf, and the crystal clear waters make it ideal for snorkeling and diving.  You can visit the crater of an actual volcano called the Bega Lagoon. Don’t worry, the volcano has been extinct for some time now. You can also try to ask a guide to bring you to Nanuya Levu, where the 1980 film Blue Lagoon was shot.


The country has the right combination of culture, landscapes and beaches.  Visit Mykonos and Santorini,, especially the famed Red Beach, and get amazing views.  You can also go the ancient palace in Knossos in Crete or watch the sunset at Cape Sounion. You can also go to the Acropolis in the evening. Athens also offers an exciting nightlife, though it usually doesn’t start until around 11 in the evening.


Aloha means hello and goodbye, though it may be hard to say goodbye to this island. Check out the cliffs in Kauai or the beautiful shores of Oahu. The waters are just as fine in Lanai and Molokai. Visit the Kiauea Volcano on the Big Island and dine at The Volcano House. You should also see the whales off Maui and view the sunset from Waikiki.


If you prefer some old world fashioned romance, then Italy is the place to go. Old, historic churches abound in the country and you can get to it by going through cobblestone streets. Enjoy a romantic boat ride in Venice or indulge in some wine tasting in Tuscany. Since you’re already in the area, you might as well make a quick trip to the Vatican. You can then walk around Rome’s Trastevere area.


Jamaica is one of the best spot for honeymoon. Tropical beaches…those two words are enough to describe Jamaica. For honeymooners, you can also try dining in houseboats while the boats float on the water. You can also check out the Dunns River Falls. Try horseback riding along the beach for a different kind of high. The local markets are also colorful, albeit noisy, and visiting it may be fun.


South of the US mainland, one can experience a variety of adventures, ranging from zip lining to dolphin watching and nature hiking.  You can try dining on the La Palapa beach or at the Cliffside of Nueva Vallarta.  Kookabura is always a safe bet, as it offers a nice view of Acapulco Bay. Tequila comes from Mexico, so try at least one shot of the real thing while you’re down there. Mexico is regarded by Topmost10 as the best country for Honeymoon.