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Honeymoon !  It is generally considered the best part of a couple’s wedding because it means the actual wedding ceremony is over. You can now forget the tension and leave behind the stress brought about by all the planning you made and expenses you incurred for the wedding. The vows have been made, the champagne has been drunk, the rings have been exchanged and the cake has been eaten. The time has now come for the couple to focus on each other in a place far away from friends, family and work.  But which honeymoon destination should you go to? Here are the top ten best honeymoon destinations in the world.



Aruba is the first place mentioned in the Beach Boys’ Kokomo. Indeed, it is a place you want to go when you want to get away from it all.  Within its 20 by 6 miles of land are beautiful beaches that complement the perfect sunny weather. The small size of the place allows an intimacy that is just right for honeymooners. During the day, you can relax at the beach, pool complexes and spas. The island has a wide array of excellent restaurants offering all kinds of food. At night, you can dance the night away in various clubs, or you can try your luck on the gambling table. You’ve already won the heart of the love of your life; perhaps, that luck can extend to winning big in the casino.

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