Top 10 Best performing private schools in Namibia

We are pleased to announce our Top 10 best Namibia Private Schools in  for 2018. Topmost10 has handpicked from the list of the overall best. This assessment was not only based on academic results but also infrastructure and other factors. Kindly find below the Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Namibia 2018:As per new rankings, the top 10 performing private schools in Namibia are , , , , , , , ,

Top 10 Best Private Schools in Namibia

10. Heroes Combined School (Oshikoto)

Heroes Private School was founded in January 1994 and officially commissioned by the founding President, Dr Sam Nujoma on 30th of July, 1994. The ideas that lead to the establishment of this school started as far back as 1990. The ideas went thought the process of brain storming, planning fundraising and the construction of the first block in 1993.

Heroes takes the tenth position for the best performing private school in Namibia of this year rankings.

9.  Duneside Private School (Erongo)


best private schools Namibia

Duneside Private School is the ninth best performing private school according to this year Namibia private school rankings.


8. St George’s Diocesan School (Khomas)

St George’s Diocesan School takes up the eight place in this year best performing private schools in Namibia.

English Primary School with an Anglican Church support system. Started with a 3room girls only bording school, now open to boys and girls. Excellent facilities and afterschool programs covering sport and cultural participation. They folow the Namibian School programme. Calendar school years from late Jan to early December. Enroll students early as the waiting list is long.

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