Since the invention of smartphones, there has been numerous phones down the line. Have u ever wondered which is the best among them? Check out the top 10 best smartphones in the world.

10. Samsung Galaxy J5: A flagship beater

The Samsung Galaxy J5 is an incredible budget handset. Not only does it have a gorgeous Super AMOLED display – a real rarity at this end of the market – but in our tests, its battery life even surpasses that of the significantly more expensive Galaxy S7. That’s a pretty impressive feat for a phone that doesn’t cost more than £200 SIM-free, and it shows you don’t have to spend a lot on a top-flight flagship handset to get the best a phone can offer. 

In fact, it’s a pretty close-run race between this and Motorola’s third-generation Moto G for our favourite budget handset, and a large part of it will come down to whether you prefer to use plain Android (as on the Moto G) or are happy with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. The Moto G has the edge when it comes to camera performance, but the J5 is still a highly accomplished smartphone for its price, and is easily one of Samsung’s best budget handsets to date.


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