Top 10 Billionaires in Sweden And their Net Worth as at 2019

7. Frederik Paulsen Jr. ($7.6 bn) is Sweden’s foremost pharma magnate – and he’s worried about climate change.

Net Worth: $7.6 billion

Company: Ferring Pharma

Residence: Lausanne, Switzerland

Paulsen’s father founded pharmaceutical company Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Paulsen Jr. makes sure to give back: The 66-year old billionaire has this year financed a 60-man strong research team to study climate change on Antarctica.

5. Kirsten Rausing ($8.3 bn): A Tetra Laval heir  

Net Worth: $8.3 bn

Company: Tetra Laval

Residence: Newmarket, UK

Kirsten Rausing owns a third of packaging company TetraLaval, and sits on the board together with her brothers Finn and Jorn. Kirsten’s grandfather founded Tetra Pak, which invented aseptic ­packaging technology. The new packaging made it possible to store beverages like milk and orange juice in carton instead of glass bottles. Her late father, Gad, bought out Kirsten’s uncle Hans in 1995 for an estimated $7 billion. Kirsten and her two siblings Finn and Jörn together own a 17 percent stake in International Flavors & Fragrances.

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