Top 10 highest paying Careers in South Africa without a degree

3. Web developer: R20 000 – R50 000 per month

Web development is one of the highest paying careers to go into in the ICT sector in SA. This is because competent developers are in high demand, and Web development is a field that can easily branch into a career in computer engineering or software development.

Relevant skills and experience are the cornerstones of this profession, while accredited qualifications or professional certifications are necessary to verify your skill set.

2. Software developer: R15 000 – R60 000 per month

highest paying careers

Though there are many firms that require BSc degrees for high-end software development jobs, the ICT sector in South Africa is so dynamic and rapidly growing that skilled employees are in exceptionally high demand. Most companies, however, still require candidates to have at least a relevant computer programming qualification or other suitable professional certification.

Senior software developers can earn up to R60 000 per month, with project managers in this field earning even more.

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