Top 10 highest paying Careers in South Africa without a degree

1. Sales manager: R10 000 – R75 000 per month

Sales is a difficult profession to quantify, as the salaries of sales representatives fluctuate greatly according to industry, role, place of employment, and commission structures. Nonetheless, sales is one of the highest paying careers whether you hold a degree or not.

With enough experience in a sales or managerial position, and with relevant managerial training, sales managers can earn anything from R40 000 to R75 000 a month in South Africa (and even more if you become a national sales manager).

What does this all mean?

Looking at South Africa’s salary data, it is not necessarily the doctors, actuaries, or engineers with seven-year degrees that earn the most. It is, in fact, business owners, CEOs, executive directors and sales directors that make the most money. This is a veritable testament to the fact that those who earn the most in South Africa are the ones who work hard, work their way up, and focus on continuous personal and professional development.

There is no law that states that a university degree is a prerequisite to success.

Educational institutions such as Oxbridge Academy focus on providing technical and vocational education and training that is meant to help students access high-paying skill-centred careers, and also enable working professionals to expand their skillsets in order to advance their careers without having to enrol for lengthy and expensive university programmes.

To find out how you can start your career without a university degree, you can read more about Oxbridge Academy’s national qualifications and international qualifications.

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